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1967 Cougar, the early days
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I'll update this page as I (hopefully) make progress on the car.


The Cat spent her whole life in Canada after being shipped directly to the Pacific Provinces DSO after manufacture in Dearborn. Appears to be very happy in the Old Dominion of Virginia.



The Global West suspension package is very much in evidence here. Lowered 2" with coils and leaf springs, upper and lower front control arms, Koni shocks, huge anti-sway bars, sub-frame connectors, 11" front disk brakes. Combined with Traction-Lok rear end and the Cougar's native handling capabilty it's awesome, baby. That's Jim K. and his excellent (and rare) 68 Cougar G-Model with me.


On the trailer, leaving her home at the White Post Auto Museum in Sorrento, British Columbia heading for Vancouver. There she was packed for shipping and sent to Virginia.



Unpacking the cat from its 53 foot container at the United Van Lines facility in Stafford, VA.


BEFORE- The engine is a little dated with the old Offenhauser intake, Holley carb, and low budget engine dress up stuff.


AFTER- I've put on an Edlebrock RPM Performer intake, 750 carb, Tuff Stuff hi-flow water pump, MSD 8mm plug wires, and some cosmetic stuff. Lookin' good but I plan to put on some better heads etc.