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1967 Cougar XR-7 GT

1967 Cougar XR-7 GT
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A brutal but refined muscle car, the XR-7 GT was the very top of the line Cougar in 1967.


Still a mostly original XR-7 GT, this black cat also has a Global West suspension, 16" wheels (recently replaced with steel wheels and Mercury dog dish hub caps), a 428 engine, C-6 transmission with shift kit, racing seats, and an R-Code hood scoop. Wish gas was as cheap now as it was when these pumps were operational...


Stance is more aggressive since I removed the lowering blocks....


Gas mileage isn't bad. About 14 mpg on the highway, primarily due to 3.25:1 gears and the '67 Cougar's surprisingly light weight.

My wife Chris digs the Cougar


Put the power to the pavement. I like the 255x60x15 Goodrich T/As because of the small, retro white lettering. Note XR-7G style rear valance and chrome trim. I specifically installed this tail pipe arrangement and think the rolled, stainless bologna cut exhaust tips look bitchin'.


Let's face it.  The 67-68 Cougar XR-7 had the best looking interior of any muscle car of the 60s.  Wood grain dash, factory tach, lots of toggle switches, upper and lower console.  Note the oil pressure gauge, conveniently located on the passenger side of the dash.


Engine is crammed into a smallish engine bay.  Hard to work on sometimes but would you rather have a small engine in a big car?  I didn't think so.  Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, 750 carb, hi-flow water pump, solid state ignition, Mooneyes plug wires and temp gauge help performance and reliability.


Non-concours fender badge makes me happy every time I look at it- 428.