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1969 Mustang Mach One
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This is my 69 Mach One, sold it to a friend in May 2005. What an outstanding muscle car. I owned it for about three years and loved hot rodding around in it. Loud, red, mean and fast. Everywhere I went was a parade, everywhere I stopped it was a party



I love the way this car looks like it's going fast even when it's sitting still. The big tires, cop-baiting graphics and low stance make for a very muscular appearance. With it's big block engine and 4-speed transmission, it's as fast as it looks.


It's hard to take a bad picture of this car. But in some settings it looks better than others.


Yes, officer, the engine has been modified somewhat. Edelbrock intake and 750 carb, Hooker Supercomp headers, Mallory solid state ignition, Holley Hi-flow fuel pump, Tuff Stuff water pump, blah, blah, blah